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S3EP7 The Pamir Highway - Tajikistan Mongol Rally

July 8, 2020

The beginning of the Pamir Highway - Tajikistan. The most incredible drive to date. In this week's episode we talk about getting Fferanda babes ready for this incredibly high, mountainous stretch of land. Raised 4 inches high with some new shocks for the bumpy terracotta roads, we were ready to tackle the second highest international highway in the world, stopping in a little families restaurant for a sleepover. You MUST add the Pamir Highway to your itinerary, rally or no rally!

THE MONGOL RALLY podcast is here for season 3! What is the Mongol Rally we hear you shout? In a nut shell, we drove a 1.2 litre Fiat Panda called Fferanda babes all the way from our home town in Wales to Russia. In this series we will be delving in to some untold gossip, stories that didn't make the documentary and having a laugh about the mental-ness of the greatest motoring adventure on the planet!

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