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S3EP2 - The reality of the Mongol Rally

June 3, 2020

Welcome to a brand new Kinging-it Podcast season on THE MONGOL RALLY! What is the Mongol Rally we hear you shout? In a nut shell, we drive a 1.2 litre Fiat Panda called Fferanda babes all the way from our home town in Wales to Russia. In this series we will be delving in to some untold gossip, stories that we weren’t quick enough to get the camera out for, unleashing some romantic secrets and having a laugh about the mental-ness that is - the Mongol Rally. In this episode we’ll be chatting about everything went into preparing for the rally. How we trusted a stranger with our passports, went to Halfords in Craig’s dad’s suits to try and get a free tent and got kicked out of Barclays Bank because they thought we were terrorist (true story)Tune in for some belly laughs and some ‘no you didn’t’ moments that will be sure to shock your socks off!

00.00 Introduction

05:26 Our sponsor
08:48 Mayhem
23:35 Hungary fact time
27:19 Budapest
30:09 Crossing into Serbia
33:01 Our first car disaster
37:14 First impressions of Romania
40:11 The Transfargarasan road
45:05 Romanian bears
50:21 Bribes in Bulgaria
53:37 The thunderstorm that ruined camp
56:02 The first argument
58:01 Sneaking the drone into Turkey
59:56 Conclusion

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In this episode we’ll be chatting about setting off on a trip of a lifetime, seeing bears in Romania, getting robbed by the police and the reality of what we had gotten into.

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